What’s Hidden in Your Carpets?

What’s Hidden in Your Carpets?

June 6, 2016 0 By Joe Dixon
How often do you regularly clean your carpets beyond a standard vacuuming? You may not even be able to remember the last time you gave your carpet a through deep cleaning, but most people fail to do so on a frequent basis if the carpets appear clean to the eye. Most people only consider having professional carpet cleaning performed upon the occurrence of spills and stains, but having them cleaned regularly can significantly improve the health of those in your home.

Even if you vacuum often, you’re most likely not picking up all of the dust from your carpet or rug. Most vacuums only clean the outer layers while leaving dust to settle at the very bottom of the carpet. This may not seem like a major problem until it agitates asthma or allergies in your pets or loved ones. Thick-pile carpets are especially difficult to clean in this regard as they can harbor even more dust that gets picked up and thrown in the air. If you tend to leave your doors or windows open for long periods, the rug is also likely to collect pollen that may irritate allergies as well.

One of the most common problems for carpets is the presence of dust mites. They thrive in the warm environment of the home and feed on microscopic bits of skin shed from the body. Like dust, they too can agitate asthma and lead to allergic reactions. Dust mites create powerful digestive enzymes that are eliminated via their feces and, when you breathe them in, they can cause problems such as wheezing.

Natural fiber carpets made of cotton or wool are susceptible to facilitating the growth of fungus and mold. Young children who play on the floor or play with toys left on the floor are especially vulnerable, but so are the other inhabitants in the home. The mold or fungal spores are released into the air, and breathing them in can cause severe respiratory problems. Tiny particles of food also tend to collect in the carpets. Leaving these bits behind can attract mice, ants and other pests that can irritate, bite or cause illness.

You can make your home safer by scheduling a professional carpet cleaning to get the nastiest substances out of your rugs. A professional deep cleaning will involve the most effective cleaning solutions, knowledgeable technicians and advanced equipment to restore your carpet to the fresh and clean state it should be in.

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