Residential Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Stripping and Waxing

A shiny floor could brighten any home in hours. MaxCare provides vinyl cleaning services for homeowners and commercial properties to get the floors looking new again.

Home owners

Choosing the right company for cleaning your vinyl tiles is very important. Even a slight damage to the flooring could turn into a very expensive repair. A company like MaxCare has the reputation of high quality for floor care. Our technicians are trained in proper floor care and refinishing of vinyl composition tile flooring.

What we offer:

  • Mop over stripping solution
  • Detailed corners and edges.
  • Rotary power scrub
  • Rinse and Neutralize
  • Sealer and Finishing

Business Owners

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors are a major investment that is meant to last. The condition of the floors reflect largely on the company so it is very important to clean them regularly with proper treatment. MaxCare can provide deep cleaning and a wet shine look for the positive image it will project to your customers.

We offer all of the following services for businesses:

  • Scrub and Polish
    • Sweep floor with dust mop
    • Apply neutral cleaner and scrub floor
    • High speed polish
    • Deep Scrub and recoat
      • Sweep floor with dust mop
      • Apply concentrated cleaner
      • Machine scrub
      • Rinse with cold water
      • Recoat floor for complete finish
      • Floor Stripping and Refinishing
        • Sweep floor with dust mop
        • Apply stripping solution to dwell up the floor
        • Agitate solution with propane
        • Pick up remaining solution with wet vacuum
        • Rinse floor with auto scrubber
        • Recoat with up to 4 coats of sealer for complete finish

MaxCare has you covered in all forms of cleaning and installations from flooring and carpeting to furniture cleaning, air ventilation cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Please check our list of all services and how to get an appointment with a MaxCare expert for your home.

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