Professional Cleaning Service in Abington Township in Montgomery County, PA

Clean and healthy living space provides more than just good-looks, it encourages you to be productive and reduces stress for all occupants. By employing the services of MaxCare Professional Cleaning Systems, in Abington Township in Montgomery County, PA., your home or place of business will no longer be a hinder. We understand the significant investment made into your apartment or house.

residential cleaning services abington townshipAt MaxCare, our clients are provided with outstanding home cleaning services that surpass our competition. This is due to our powerful equipment and thorough training our staff receives in all areas necessary to ensure your home environment is meticulously cleaned and sanitized on a schedule perfect for your needs. Our objective at MaxCare is to ensure the safety and health of you and your family by providing excellent service. Moreover, our sister company, CleanTech, based in Conshohocken, PA, a leader in floor maintenance for more than forty-years, allows us to expand our service area and quickens our ability to reply to service calls.

Some of Our Professional Cleaning Service Includes:

Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Dirt, spills, and grime collect in grout due to the porous material. It is impossible to reach all dirt that is hidden deep within your grout pores. With MaxCare professional services, your floors will once again shine.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

Protect your investment with MaxCare professional oriental rug cleaning and repair. Revel in the deep cleaning and revitalization only professional cleaning can provide. Your Oriental rug will be treated gently and safely with their effective cleaning solution.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Each year the average home receives close to 40-pounds of allergens, dust, and dirt in the air ducts. Those pollutants are filled with unhealthy fungi, mold, and bacteria, triggering numerous health issues. Our experts thoroughly clean your ventilation system and all related duct work removing these unwanted contaminants.

MaxCare Professional Cleaning Systems offer a wide array of services in Abington Township in Montgomery County, PA. We encourage scheduled cleanings to assure your environment stays clean and healthy. For more information, please contact one of our professionals today at 610-269-5021.

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