MaxCare a safe, thorough, and gentle cleaning for Oriental, Heirloom, and Designer area rugs. We are highly trained and experienced and use specialized tools and

oriental rug cleaning in Philadelphia

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machines for a full-bath immersion and compression, leaving the rugs feeling like new.

Oriental Rug cleaning and Repair Experts

Every rug is bought with quality, design, and longevity in mind. You want to make sure these expensive investments are properly cared for in the years to come. The delicate texture and method of designing oriental rugs makes it crucial that the rug is cleaned using professional services to ensure proper care without any damage.

MaxCare experts are certified and trained to not only restore the rug to its original look, but also man the equipment so not even a single fiber of the rug is misplaced during the cleaning and delivery of the rug to the owner’s home or office.

Our treatment does not include any corrosive chemicals and every rug goes through a proper Turkish bath to make the softness of the rug is not lost during the process. We using high-quality, environmentally-safe solutions to ensure the safety of the rug and the health of the family.

Rug Repair and Restoration

We don’t perform miracles (but some clients think we do). oriental rug repair

Our capabilities in repairs include inexpensive fringe replacement to surging/binding repair as well as seam separation repair and minor dye migrations. Restorations are often more time consuming and requires our professional weavers to re-create patterns with matching colors for stunning results.

Most minor repairs can be performed at the home after a quick inspection. We can repair all types of rugs, from Oriental to Tibetan and Turkish to European rugs and carpets. We are also to patch repair where we can take a patch from a similar looking rug to mend the original rug if the colors and patterns match. Some restoration would require the rug to be sent back to its country of origin to be mended by a master weaver, which can be performed with your consent and approval.

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