black mold remediation

Black mold is a serious health issue. Mold is a living organism and spreads rapidly. It’s can cause serious illness and diminish the value of your home. If you suspect mold, contact us immediately.

If you are looking for mold remediation contractors, environmental services and mold cleanup, look no further than MaxCare.

We’ll dispatch our team of certified mold experts to inspect indoor air quality, test for allergens.  Mold can be dangerous.  Even deadly.

Do you suspect mold in your home but you’re not sure?

To prevent the harmful effects of exposure to mold, have one of MaxCare’s Mold Detection and Remediation specialists perform an on-site inspection.

How can mold become a problem in my home?

Mold needs certain conditions to grow; sufficient light and moisture is enough to start a small mold colony. Indoor moisture from the following common sources can lead to mold problems:

• Flooding
• Sprinkler Sprays hitting the home
• Plumbing leaks
• Humidifiers
• Wet clothes drying indoors
• Overflow from sinks and sewers
• Leaky Roofs
• Shower or cooking steam

Is mold exposure a concern?

Absolutely! Mold contamination can be extensive and very expensive to get rid off. If exposed to high mold spore level, it could cause sever health problems for the family or office members. Mold growth can also damage furniture, carpets, and clothes.
If a regular inspection is not made, there is no warning of mold exposure until someone gets sick. It is important to remember that mold is not always visible for the untrained eye, which makes thorough mold inspection by MaxCare professionals crucial.

MaxCare has you covered in all forms of inspections, cleaning and installations from flooring and carpeting to furniture cleaning, air ventilation cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Please check our list of all services and how to get an appointment with a MaxCare expert for your home.

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