How Power Washing Enhances the Value of Your Home

How Power Washing Enhances the Value of Your Home

June 13, 2016 0 By Joe Dixon

Power washing uses water under high pressure to create a powerful flow that can remove debris and stains through force. Power washing can eliminate some of the most difficult dirt issues outside of your home to give it a more welcoming appearance.

The Many Uses for Power Washing

Siding, Decks and Windows
Power washing can be used to clean dirt and debris from vinyl siding, gutters and rooftops. The technique is also commonly used to clean off decks prior to staining or painting. When used with the right solution and at the right pressure, power washing is sometimes used to wash windows.

power wash 2Mold and Mildew
Wet seasons, swimming pool areas, proximity to plants or exposure to water through sports or other outdoor activities can leave some areas of your exterior damp on a consistent basis. This can lead to the development of mold and mildew that can be dangerous or expensive. Mold can erode and deteriorate some surfaces, so it needs to be removed as soon as it’s found. Pressure washing can also help eliminate the stains left behind.

Weather Stains
Rain and snow can leave behind mineral residue on the exterior walls, fixtures and other permanent parts of your home. Dirt can be transferred by the wind to collect and stain these areas as well. Buildings made of brick and stone stain easily, but deep cleaning can help remove the buildup.

Sidewalks / Driveways / Garagespower wash 1
Grease stains or oil stains are an eyesore on a nice driveway or in your garage, but they can also be a hazard. As cars leak on your pavement, they leave spills that people can slip on. Anyone that walks through these stains is likely to track grease on their shoes and onto your floors or carpets.

Grease and grime also tend to build up around your trash area. As food and chemical products are spilled, the residue accumulates over time. This poses the same problems as car leaks, but can often be cleaned well with a power wash.

If you look at your sidewalk, you may find dozens of small spots from dead bugs and bird droppings. While this isn’t dangerous, it takes away from the appearance of your property. Power washing your sidewalk will keep the area spotless.

Professional Power Washing

If you have any of these problems around your home, a professional cleaning service can use pressure washing to return your property to an aesthetically-pleasing state. A spotless exterior will increase your home’s value as well as its appeal in the neighborhood.  To get a quote, fill out the form or contact us.