Dealing with Common Holiday Stains

Dealing with Common Holiday Stains

April 20, 2016 0 By Joe Dixon

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but they often come with overactive kids, rich and colorful foods and many accidents to go with them. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, spills and stains occur in at least two-thirds of American homes due to holiday festivities.

The Causes and Types of Holiday Stains

Surprisingly, cultural or regional differences account for variation in frequency among stain types. At 23 percent, stains from vomit are much more common in the Midwest than any other part of the country. Also, stains from cranberry sauce are more common in areas around New England.

All around, the most common stains resulted from:

  • Candle Wax – 19%
  • Red and White Wines – 21%
  • Grease – 23%
  • Chocolate and Colorful Dyed Drinks (Tied) – 26%

These data would suggest that foods are mostly responsible for holiday stains as people want to host with rich, decadent and flavorful meals that are also colorful. The inclusion of candles as decoration or means of celebration adds to the chance for accidents.

The Burden of Holiday Stains

Depending on the season, the holidays may occur successively, and this will result in multiple gatherings at your home. Having visible stains will make your home appear dirty, and some guests may pass it up for other venues. Stains from holiday celebrations usually affect multiple surfaces at a time such as the carpet, furniture and walls, and this is why you’ll need professional help to remove them.


If you try to remove stains on your own, you may end up making them much worse. Stained materials need proper professional cleaning to be treated effectively. Professional carpet cleaners have high-quality products, equipment and the right knowledge to remove stains the correct way.

With festivities come guests, and with them come spills, stains and other accidents common during the holiday season. If you have a stubborn stain caused by a holiday mishap, you still have options to return your surfaces back to their previous appearance. Many other messes in your carpet can be treated as well, even if they were there before the holidays.