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Professional residential cleaning

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“No-Wax Floors” refer to vinyl surfaces that have clear, tough acrylic or urethane coating applied by the manufacture. Most of these floors are applied at sheets or tiles. While they can remain as no-wax for many years, they only last if taken care of properly, i.e. no shoes, no dogs, and minimum foot traffic. This is not possible in most homes, especially in kitchens, foyers or livingroom, where most no-wax floors are installed.

We’re the cleaning and maintenance professionals

Sealers on the floors become dull or scratched after a few years. While applying floor polish will restore the shine, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the floor or the dirt and dust will be sealed in along with the floor finish.

MaxCare experts start by sweeping, dust mopping and vacuuming the floor of all dust and debris. Then, we damp-mop the floor to remove any residue of old cleaners or polishers. We use professional high-grade no-rinse floor cleaners and mop the product onto the floor, picking up any rinse water with a clean mop. All the dirt and residue in the edges and corners are hand cleaned. If necessary, we repeat the process until we are confident of a clean floor.

Sealant Application

Depending on the floor, we use buffing or non-buffable floor waxes for long-term maintenance. We apply high-quality floor polish to add a protective sealant to the floor and keep the dirt off the floor and for quicker cleaning in the future. MaxCare gives our customers a superior outcome that surpasses their expectations.

MaxCare has you covered in all forms of cleaning and installations from flooring and carpeting to furniture cleaning, air ventilation cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Please check our list of all services &  get an appointment with a MaxCare expert for your home.

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