Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaning Experts will revive your lack-luster tiles, clean your grout and add a protective coating.  Protect your investment with a routine professional tile cleaning.

Clean Those Dingy Tiles?

Has your tile lost that shiny luster?  Have stains or grime sunken into the surface of your ceramic?  MaxCare can restore most floor and wall tile back to its original condition. Dirt, abrasive cleaning substances and neglect can damage your tiles over time and lose their shine.

ceramic tile cleaning

You spent good money to have a great home. Protect your investment with routine cleaning and maintenance by the professionals at MaxCare

Your professional tile cleaning team at MaxCare will take care to remove spots and stains from tiles and grout which are tedious to clean with standard household cleaning aids. They could become permanent without proper treatment, and replacing them could cost thousands.

Restore Your Tile’s Shine

Remember when those tiles were brand new with their pristine sparkling shine? We can bring that shine back. Our certified technicians, with their experience and professional equipment, take on the task of bringing your worn out looking tiles back to life.  We don’t perform miracles but if we tell you our methods will work to restore your ceramic, vinyl, composite, or marble tile, we’ll stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Cleaning Unglazed Tile

Unglazed (flat finish) tile can easily absorb stains from spills and traffic.  MaxCare has special chemical solutions with a specific pH formula which release the stains and protect the tile.  Special sealant can be applied to protect the surface.Carpet cleaning in Philadelphia area

Whether the tiles are stone or marble, inside or outside, MaxCare technicians have the specialized know-how and equipment to give the tiles a proper cleaning. We also protect all tiles with high-quality sealants to prevent future staining or discoloration. Results can be dramatic .

Tile grout cleaning as standard procedure when we clean your ceramic tile surfaces.

We clean Ceramic Tile and Grout in:

Downingtown – Brookhaven – Bryn Mawr – Malvern – Villanova – West Chester – Wayne

Ardmore – Exton – Chaddsford – Newtown Square – Glen Mills – Chestnut Hill – Mt. Airy

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