Carpet Cleaning and Repair to Extend the Life Of Your Carpet

February 3, 2016 0 By Joe Dixon

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Whether in a home or business, carpet damage is bound to occur at some point. Everyday activities, accidents and emergency situations can wreak havoc on the safety and appearance of your carpeted floors. Even when damage occurs, steps can be taken to slow it down or reduce it in the future.

Tears, pulls, even holes in your carpet can be repair to extend its life and functionality. Let's talk about your damaged carpet. Maybe we can help.

Tears, pulls, even holes in your carpet can be repair to extend its life and functionality. Let’s talk about your damaged carpet. Maybe we can help.

Carpet Cleaning and Repair

Your carpet is one of the most significant aspects of your interior. It’s so important, it can be found in bedrooms, living rooms, offices and even on staircases. To keep the warmth and mood of your carpeted rooms, proper care is essential. In your office, a well-maintained floor will minimize distractions and keep a professional look. In the living room or bedroom, carpet can be comforting for kids and toddlers that often relax on the floor. It can also be great for pets to cozy up. Keeping your carpet clean and presentable is a big part of how inviting your home is.

Common Situations That Require Repair

Carpet can be damaged in a number of ways, and some damage may not even be noticeable on the surface until it starts to progress. Candles, cigarettes, heaters or other sources of heat or open flame may lead to burn holes in the carpet. Attempts to self-clean stains or even laundry spills can lead to bleach spots in the fabric. Everyday wear and tear, kids and pets may cause tears, loose seams or fraying at the edges. Flooding or common spills may cause wet spots that can lead to the development of mold.

How to Maintain Carpets

In the event of excess moisture and mold, you put yourself and any other inhabitants at risk for respiratory issues and skin disorders. Few homeowners can tackle such problems on their own. Serious carpet damage requires professional maintenance and regular cleaning to keep it safe and beautiful. Even if damage occurs, carpet repair professionals have the tools and expertise to solve various issues including burns, tears and spills. You may think it necessary to dispose of your carpet upon development of new damage, but this is often not the case if it’s properly restored.

Not every carpet can be restored to its new condition, but you may be surprised at just what can be done to repair it. Having your carpet professionally cleaned and repaired as necessary will make a world of difference in how long it lasts.

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